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  1. Zombie Pumpkins

    October 24, 2011 by Scooter


    Its a week until Halloween!… and we live in a house, in a neighborhood, with lots of kids… so lets google zombie pumpkins and see what comes up:)… I found this Zombie Pumpkin Project over at Martha Stewart.


    $$ – (Under $15)

    2 White Pumpkins – Grocery Store/ Pumpkin Patch… ($6)
    Plastic balls – Thrift Store… ($3)
    Paint/ Markers – Lying around the house… (free)

    Knife / Miniature Saw

    zombie pumpkins_white

    zombie pumpkins_eye_holes

    I found these beautiful white pumpkins while grocery shopping…

    For the eyes, hold saw at an angle and cut 2 cone-shaped holes into the pumpkin. The diameter of the holes should be slightly smaller than the eyeballs’ diameter.



    Since I could not find plastic eyeballs, I ended up picking up a giant bag of colored plastic balls (like the ones you jumped in as a kid) at a thrift store. I had markers and paint in the closet, and decided we would have a little art project making these eyeballs 🙂

    zombie pumpkins__eyeballs

    Next, carve a mouth… There are templates over on Martha’s website…



    She also did this Mouse Motel which I had to throw into our mix! I found the mice at a halloween store for under $1 each..


    Of course, the neighbors had warned us that the squirrels will eat the pumpkins if we leave them out… sure enough, within 24 hours the zombie pumpkins had their eyes gnawed on, which zombie-fyed them even more :)… But we brought them inside to enjoy until Halloween night 🙂

    zombie pumpkin_all

  2. Halloween Wreath

    October 10, 2011 by Scooter

    Halloween Wreath_Putting on snakes

    This project was inspired by the Wriggling Snake Wreath over at!

    $$ – (Under $26)

    black acrylic paint – Hobby Lobby… (under $3)
    vinyl snakes – Halloween or toy store, we found a bag of 8… (under $10)
    Floral wire, 20-gauge – Hobby Lobby… (under $3)
    Black water-based spray paint – had around the house… (free)
    18-inch grapevine wreath – .. (under $5)
    1 75pk of creepy creatures – Big Lots… (under $5)


    Halloween Wreath- Grapevine Wreath

    Halloween Wreath- Spray paint

    Paint grapevine wreath using water-based spray paint; let dry.

    Halloween Wreath- Painted Black

    Halloween Wreath- Vinyl Snakes

    Halloween Wreath- Acrylic Paint

    Paint vinyl snakes in assorted shapes and sizes using acrylic paint; let dry.

    Halloween Wreath- Pug

    Halloween Wreath- Painted SnakesHalloween Wreath_creepy creaturesHalloween Wreath_Finished

    Attach snakes, spiders, bats and any other creepy crawly creature to wreath: For flat snakes, twist floral wire around in 2 places, thread wire into wreath, and secure at back. Coiled snakes can simply be wrapped around wreath.

    Halloween Wreath_On the Door