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Spoon Mug Wall

October 3, 2011 by Scooter

Spoon Mug Wall

This project was inspired by the Snug Mug Spoon Wall over at ReadyMade!

$$ – (Under $45)

scrap cabinet grade plywood – found in alleyway… (free)
assortment of spoons – thrift store… (under $4)
Nuts, Bolts, and Washers – price depends on size. we wanted large, so spent a bit more… (under $10)
2 36″ square steel tubing – $5.57 each… (under $12)
2 Flat Brackets – depends on size of your board. We went with 48″ brackets @ 6.51 each.. ($13)
Steel Adhesive – we went with SteelStik… (under $6)
Burlap Coffee Sack (optional) – had around the house…(free)


Spoon Wall - Nuts and Bolts

Spoon Wall- Spoon with fan reflection

First we arranged the spoons and the steel bars on the board…

Spoon Wall- Spoon Materials

Now, take a hacksaw and score the spoons and the steel tubing where they will attach. Next we took SteelStik and adhered the spoons.

Spoon Wall- Scoring

Spoon Wall- SteelStik

Spoon Wall- Adhesive

Spoon Wall- Placing Spoons

Spoon Wall w/ Pug looking on...

Set up the brackets and mark where you would like the bolts to go… We did 4 on each side between each bar.
Next, drill the holes…

Spoon Wall- Drill Holes

Spoon Wall- Trim Brackets

We then set it up and trimmed the brackets. We had a coffee sack lying around that we thought would make for a nice cover to the board.

Spoon Wall Mockup w/ coffee sack
Last we added some mounting wire onto the back and the spoon mug wall has been created!

Spoon Wall- Mount

Spoon Wall- Bolting it down

Spoon Mug Wall

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